Job details

Title: Synthetic Chemist for the Robotic Platform

Location: Iktos Robotics Lab at Villebon / Yvette

Period: 4-6 months (Spring/Summer 2024)

Start: April-May 2024 (Spring 2024)

Compensation: to be defined

Weekly hours: Full-time, on-site, from Monday to Friday

Your profile: Student Master 2 (or equivalent), major organic chemistry

Skills: Good theoretical and practical knowledge of organic chemistry. Knowledge in solid-supported chemistry, solid phase filtration is a plus. Scientific rigor, good communication, interpersonal skills and team spirit. Good commands in English.

Keywords: Organic chemistry, Lab Automation 

About Iktos

Iktos is an applied artificial intelligence startup that helps chemistry researchers improve their molecular discovery, drug design process and synthetic planning. 

Our technology leverages many advances in machine learning to generate novel molecules that satisfy the end user’s criteria in a fraction of the time and effort. A second area of research is related to data-driven retrosynthetic analysis and empowers organic chemists with exhaustive analyses in minutes. Our most recent research area is linked to lab automation, and workload scheduling for accelerating the synthesis part in the DMTA cycle for drug discovery.

To support Iktos’ fast-growing team and keep pace with our high number of cutting-edge projects, we are recruiting a chemist intern. If you wish to join our Lab Team, experience the startup mindset and be mentored by top-notch scientists while working on exciting projects, reach out to us!

the mission

The selected candidate will be part of the team of chemists working in our robotics platform. What is expected from him/her:

1) To study the development of cost-effective and easy to handle supported reagents/catalysts, which would be highly beneficial in our workflow. Considering the challenges residing in the manipulation of highly hygroscopic or sticky materials or the weighing of very small quantities of precious catalysts, this project might prove to be a valuable asset in our toolbox.

2) To help in the optimization of some specific, robot-compatible reaction conditions in order to generalize their application to a wide range of different scaffolds

3) To work in the gram-scale preparation of some valuable scaffolds that will eventually be used in the robot for our internal medicinal chemistry projects

Contact details

    Willing to take up the challenge ? Please send your application (CV + cover letter) to