Find the Best Synthetic Routes to Your Compounds

Powered by Iktos proprietary retrosynthetic analysis AI, Spaya performs an exhaustive analysis of all possible synthetic routes for a given compound and ranks them according to various metrics of synthetic accessibility. Spaya goes beyond retrosynthetic analysis by providing a platform to exchange ideas and foster collaboration.

Explore the retrosynthesis tree with Spaya

Key Features

The ‘Chemist’s Playground’

An easy-to-use online platform that enables chemists to generate and explore retrosynthetic routes seamlessly. Once chemists choose a route among the ones found by Spaya, they  can easily navigate the retrosynthetic tree. Chemists can also further expand the tree by breaking up the starting materials.

From target compounds to commercial starting materials in minutes

Spaya employs a data-driven AI approach to discover retrosynthetic routes. An iterative exploration of all possible routes is performed until commercially available starting materials are identified.

Save your chemical recipes

Access to the materials to perform user selected syntheses is one click away. Users can add either selected compounds or the entire collection of starting materials to their wish list. Users can then order compounds from chemical suppliers or from their organization’s internal ordering system (when Spaya is integrated into user’s organization’s environment).


There is more…

Spaya AI engine is fully data-driven and therefore, can be customized to take advantage of your proprietary reaction data and proprietary starting materials. Contact us to discuss customization options for Spaya implementation on your IT premises or in your Virtual Private Cloud.

To date, Spaya’s AI engine has been trained on several millions of reactions. It is a good starting point, but we are committed to empower the algorithm with more and more reaction data, thereby enhancing its performance. We are also continuously improving the algorithm and developing new features to facilitate the analysis of the results.

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